Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"Faith first, mindset second, goals third, action fourth, persistence always."
 I like that!
 I believe I can,  set the mind, set the goal, act upon it . . . .  then persistence!!
When attempting to make big changes in your life   . . . . like losing weight, its most important to get a 'mindset'.  Be very definite about what you are doing.  Its very hard!
'Persistence always' . . . I guess I will spend the rest of my life trying to achieve that!

Friday night I had my first birthday celebration - my first mixed meal for 6 weeks!  Kazbah is a great place with very tasty food!  A mezza platter for entree had delectable morsels on it.  I was hungry . . .  so how could I resist?  I didn't eat very much, then a lamb shank for mains, one glass of red wine.  I had such stomach pains!!  my poor stomach didn't know what hit it!!  Must have been the fried Halomi cheese!
Generally I am eating pretty much the same as on the program, with more salad stuff together, a bit of coconut oil to fry in, and cream in my coffee.  but my mind is all at sea. . . it has to make decisions!!  I'm scared that I might look in the mirror and suddenly be fat again!  I have to remind myself that my watch is tight now, because I had a link taken out!
I read in the book Pounds and Inches, that when you lose fat out of the muscles, then the muscles are too long and need to contract more when used, so can be painful.  That would account also for the core muscles working harder to find the centre of balance.  I am feeling better already, and have fewer incidence of lightheadedness.
I have just realised that I am not eating enough protein, now that my body is not being nourished by consuming my fat!    mmmmmm....can't wait for breakfast!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Whew! Week 6 is DONE!!  ------11.5kg this Round.  It was a long haul.  Not sure I would do a 40 day stint again.  21days seems more doable.  I feel it will be good to maintain for a while now.
Tonight I am celebrating my birthday with my sisterinlaws @ Kazbah!  so YES, I am going to add a little variety to my diet with some North African food!  a little kick start to my 21 days of maintenance!
There is nothing in my closet to wear!! to show off my new body shape!  All my clothes are SO baggy.  I have gone past any 'too small' clothes I have kept from previous flurries into reducing.   Oh well, my face definitely shows signs of weight loss!  :-()  (that looks like a sock monkey smile!)
So . . . .Harold . . .lets get active with recreating my life_____________________________!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Half way there....

So...that is the end of drops for now.  Its been a long slow 6 weeks.  I am happy with my new figure....and the looseness of my clothes!  My watch turns around on my wrist, my ring falls to the side....its easier to get up from sitting position, I guess easier to get around all together!
I have lost 10% body fat... according to my scales.  I don't quite know how that works....just a guess taking my height into consideration,  I think.  I still seem to have plenty of it hanging around!
I have burned up 21.1 kgs of fat, or 46.42 pounds!!   I guess that is about half of my desired weight loss.  So, there will be more big burn sessions coming up!
I look forward to regaining my strength and endurance and getting on my bike.  we have a big bike ride coming up in Aug.  I DO want to enjoy it.
Now I have three days of 500 calories with no drops and then maintenance for 21 days.  That takes us up to our "Celebration of Life" in Fiji!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New observation

If you have ever carried a 20 kg back pack for some time, when you put it down- its such a relief. . . Such a light free feeling. Well, I have off loaded a 20 kg pack and I have not felt any of that. Interesting! But when you are carrying the heavy back pack, you have to adjust how you stand. You need to lean forward a bit, or you might fall over backwards. I have noticed since releasing 20 kgs that I am having a balance challenge when walking, my body doesn't quite know just what angle is appropriate now . Or maybe it's just that my head is too heavy! I feel I need some core strengthening and some retraining on how to stand upright!!
I am adjusting to the fact that I've not lost as much weight as I wanted to this round of the program, but rejoicing in the fact that I HAVE released 20 kgs in the last4 months! Pretty awesome - and kept it off over Christmas and traveling ~ SO IT CAN BE DONE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four weeks....

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  
I like to be positive, but I won't say its easy, or fun . . . . its jolly hard!!  But its worth it!!
Only -1.8 for a whole week of self denial, watching others eat yummy food, smelling tempting foods, SEEING childhood triggers.  Oh my goodness. . . .Costco was a mouth watering experience!  Every time I go to Canada, we would go to Costco and get some big topped muffins, or big pie, or big chocolate cake. . . . now we have Costco locally, I will just have to stay out of the bakery section!!  Then there is all the food samples for you to try. . .  I have always tried them!!  Sure a good thing I don't need to go there very often.  I generally shop locally, I like to support my local shops.  I don't need a 36 pack of toilet paper!  Just some tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage,apples, oranges, strawberries, rice crackers, sea food, mince, chicken AND coffee!  My diet is pretty simple!  I think I miss cheese and avocado the most!  I am very comfortable eating such small meals.  Oh, I did buy a case of Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. . . . that is my treat with a little lime squeezed in.
I have definitely felt better this week since using some new drops.  I have more energy and not so light headed with the feeling of passing out when I first stand up.  I am also making sure I drink 2 litres of water plus what ever else I might drink, only washing in soap with no fats, AND going to bed by 11 pm!  Some little . 5 losses are encouraging too.
So far I have released 8.9 kg on this Round 2, two more weeks to go and I desperately want to reach my next big goal of being under ninety kg!!  (that makes me under two hundred pounds)  Then I need to stabilise for a few months.
So. . . . I'm off with a purpose to make the next 2 weeks work for me!_________________________

Monday, February 6, 2012

No More Saggy Baggys

Because my jeans were so baggy when I was in New York in Dec ~ after losing my first 10 kg. . . . I bot the tightest 'Not My Daughters Jeans' that I could get on. Saturday I tried them on  and they fit perfect!!  That is so exciting!  The unfortunate part is that it's  Feb in Australia, and it should be WAY too HoT for jeans . . . And it's not!
Today I wore my grey saggy baggy elephant pants for the last time!

AND I bot some new ones!
plus horizontal stripes!!  wow, really getting brave!

Friday, February 3, 2012

3 weeks done...

"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change,
The courage to change the one I can,
And the wisdom to know its me!"

I just didn't know it would be so hard.
I have set out to make permanent changes, and I'm keen to get there,  but I am realizing that it's all a journey,  everyday is just part of the journey.
This week I'm only down 1.6 kg.  I have been only eating 500 calories a day for three weeks now,  along with taking drops - sometimes I wonder if they are working....I have lost 7.3 kgs.  I expected more... I am impatient!   I want to be able to tell you great things are happening as I have set about changing my life!  What I am eating each day seems to be my project,  instead of just what I do when I'm hungry.  It DOES take a bit of planning - but doesn't need to be all consuming.  I want it to just be part of the journey.  I guess if what I eat is not upmost in my mind, I fear that I will forget, and mindlessly resume old habits.
I should be encouraged by the fact that I had to take 4 inches out of the waistband of my shorts to keep them from falling down!!  I am not ready to buy new clothes yet.  I quite like having my clothes become loose on me!  I have also discovered I have bones!
The book does say "Pounds anbd Inches".  Perhaps I am concentrating too much on the pounds part!
The grand poobah is 17.3 kg or 38 pounds less weight for my feet to carry around!!
3 more weeks to go___________________________________________