Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 2

Shock Horror!! The scales said plus 2 this morning!! Two days of eating as much high fat foods as possible...was harder than you'ld think as high fat foods are Very satisfying, and I was NOT hungry.
Oh well, tomorrow will make up for it!
I'm mourning my cuppaccinos already!! Who knows?? I might get addicted to long blacks....but the best part of coffee is slurping that delicious silked milk and chocolate off the top!  AND I have been walking to the shops with the cuppa as my lets see, what else can I go there for??  Green tea just doesn't have the same pull!  I suppose i COULD go the other way to the bush and listen to the birds.

I have cleared my cupboards and fridge of all tempting foods.  Its nice to have such an empty fridge!  My vegetables for the week: tomatoe, cucumber, celery, asparagus and cabbage don't take up much room!  My chicken and steak are all neatly cut up in 100 gram packages in the freezer.  Later in the week I will buy some white fish and prawns for variety.

Tomorrow I am going to buy an new that complements me on my great success=)   . . . .and a new computer!

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