Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Muther Hubbard....

The cupboards are bare!!  The Big benifit of being alone right now, is I don't have to see, smell or handle any other food!  everything perishable is gone!  If anyone drops by they get black coffee and a rice cracker!!  I quite enjoyed my black coffee this morning :)
Today I purchased a new scales....oh the things it can tell me!  And it can recognize me...pretty clever huh!  I sure hope it will tell me nice things...like a less percentage of my body is fat  and it weighs less....  I will have a little visit with it each morning.
Old habits die hard....I am so accustomed to eating in the afternoons, about the time the kids would have come home from school as they did  for 25 years or so, that I found it really hard not to be tempted to munch on  s o m e t h i n g!! 
For dinner tonight I had chicken cooked in a little water with garlic ~ tasty! with 120 grams of celery - which is only 20 calories!  hardly gourmet....but tasty and chewy and satisfying!
will survive___________________________________________________

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