Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Its been 18 weeks now.  I'm down 13 kg = 26.8 pounds!  I'm less 10% of my original body weight, and reached my first mini goal.  My clothes are fitting So much better….So it feels good.
So now is the BIG challenge…. to keep it off… while I travel for 2 months.
I am manifesting to maintain!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Good Thing….

My last post was Jan 2013….. in the last year I gained 20 kg. It seemed once I lost control… that was it. I ate.  My clothes got tight, my watch band that I had 2 links taken out of,  got tight.  I had one link put back in, but when it started getting tight again, and fat was bulging over the edges… it was time to do something!!
My doctor was shocked…. she suggested Weight Watcher, as she had seen that a meeting had just started in our suburb and she felt is was a good slow, sustainable way to lose weight and learn to change ones life style.  I thot about it.  I'm a life time member.  I tried to go back again some years ago, but I didn't like the lecturer.  My sister in law is going to WW and being very successful.  She told me about the Pro Points and how it works.  Sounded interesting.

So… WW….Beecroft….Monday morning…. I went along.
First week I dropped 2.8kg!  I was hooked!
Counting Pro Points on my phone app is easy.  I can eat ANYTHING!!  Its a choice.  Do I want to spend all those Pro Points on something so fattening or unhealthy??  I can eat lots of things that are free,  lots of vegetables, and 2-3 serves of fruit a day.  I like to eat Fresh and Local. (local means Australian)
Portion Control is paramount!!
This little picture has stayed with me.  I had been too full, bloated and suffering from heart burn.  Eating fresh fruit and veg and a small portion of meat made me feel "just right" very quickly.  My stomach became flatter, NO MORE HEART BURN!  and that happy feeling of winning!
There is nothing quite like the feeling of winning with ones self.  I'm not competing with anyone else, but each week when I go for a weigh in, and the graph is going down, I feel like I'm winning!! It must be the only time when a graph is going down that its a GOOD THING!
I'm finding Monday mornings a really good time to go and weigh in.  It starts the week off happy and determined and motivated, and makes me not indulge too much on the weekend, knowing I'm going for a weigh in Monday morning.  I enjoy my glass of wine, knowing I will only have one, so I savour it more!  Having the WW app on my phone means I can check the points of something to see if its worth eating!!  Some times I am surprised… at how few OR how many points a food might have.
I will have this app with me as I travel in Aug/Sept and my goal is to maintain!

I have reached my first personal goal!  Im feeling good, my clothes are fitting nicely again, my watch is comfortable.  We have been warned that this is the time people often fall off the band wagon.  We get compliments and start to feel like were finished…. its good to say " Thank you, I'm on a roll."
and Keep On Rolling!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why why why....

....is it SO HARD to Maintain???
 I did the hcg maintenance so absolutely perfectly, gradually adding a little more fats~oil, nuts, avocado, more salads, fruits etc... I was so careful not to have any breads or sweets or alcohol for at least 3 weeks, but even so, the scales crept upward!  it was so discouraging!  I felt I probably wasn't eating enough, from what I have leaned about dieting in the past, but I was almost scared to eat at all.  I gained about 2 kg and then leveled off.  I thot: ok, lets maintain here....but then Christmas came along, lots of parties and food and I was up another 2 kg.  It would have been so easy to give up!
If I have to work SO hard to maintain, I'd rather be at my optimum size and weight, and then continue to fight for it!  I need at least a 6 month break from hcg now for it to work, and by then I will be travelling again.  I need to do something NOW!
By chance I happened to watch a movie, not even knowing what it was called ~ about this guy who does juice, has cured his disease and lost 200 pounds.  It was very inspiring!!  I even own a juicer, so I got it off the shelf, dusted it, and bot some vegetables and fruit!
I subsequently told others about it, and they had all heard of Joe Cross!  Fat Sick & Nearly Dead:  www.rebootwithjoe.com

Jan 1 2013 is day one of at least a 15 day juice fast!!
 I buy fruit and vege every 2 days!!  Pete has the odd juice and I have been giving my grand boys (staying here with me for a month) one juice a day too!  So...I use LOTS of green groceries!!
Today is the end of day 5 and I'm feeling great.  I feel so clean inside!!  AND I'm watching the scales retreat back to where they are suppose to be, and when I get below that..... then I am progressing!
Pete and I and the boys did a bike ride across the harbour bridge and around the Quay today.  I love it!
I didn't have my usual energy, but I did pretty good!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting to know ME

A friend commented that when she lost a lot of weight, she didn't know her new body, and she immediately gained all the weight back to her former self ~ to the body she recognized. That resonated with me and I realised that I needed to make a real effort to get to know and love the new ME!
My original goal was to shrink to a size 14 in a normal shop.  Now that I am there, I don't quite believe it and I'm not quite satisfied.  I have been back to my familiar fat lady shops only to find that the smallest size really is TOO big!  It's a bit of a challenge to find my new style.  Yes! I really fit into the "normal range ~ I bot a pr of size 14 zebra print pants today. . . The wild animal coming out in me!  It was quite exciting!  I want to embrace my new body and really get to know it.  Not alway see it as what it's 'not yet '.
I have shared ALL my big size clothes with my friends... They are delighted with their 'new' clothes ~ all three big garbage bags full are gone.  I had some really nice things that I am sad to lose.... I am also a little scared to not have that 'fall back' in my closet! THERE IS NO GOING BACK!
Maintaining  my hard earned present goal weight is the biggest challenge now.

My doctor suggested I see sugar as a drug equated to opium. It gives you a high and drops you to a low and craving more.  I am working at changing my thinking about sweets, things like chocolate cake or brownies. Instead of feeling deprived and really wishing I could have some , I see it more as the enemy.  I don't do drugs!
I like to eat out, so I choose places that serve 'real' food. I like fresh raw vegetables and fruits.  Fruit tastes so sweet- I like strawberries and blueberries with cream! A real treat!  Raw vegetable salads take lots of chewing and are slower to eat than cooked veg, thus more satisfying. I am avoiding anything processed, and all the white stuff. An apple and nuts are easy to carry as a snack and very satisfying!  It's good to be forearmed !
 I am reacquainting myself with the Law of Attraction: focus on what I Do want,  the power to get it is with in me!   I am an active healthy woman!

Friday, October 26, 2012


A few days into maintenance and I realise just how good the hcg made me feel, and how easy it was to eat so little.  It was easier this time because I didn't stress so much about the weight loss each day.  I still weighed each morning, but it was what it was. Week two it took me the whole week to drop 1 kg.  but then the next week was more encouraging. I dropped nearly 10 kg in a 4 week period.    Now on maintenance, I am so hungry!  I think about food! but I am  trying to think it feels good to be empty.  I am working at changing my mind!
One year has gone by since I began with HCG.  I have released 26kg or 57 pounds!!  I find it so hard to imagine putting a 50 pound bag of fertiliser in a back pack and carry it around ALL the time!  It is so much easier to get around now, up and down stairs and hills, and biking!  I feel so free ~ I could fly!!
I am loving the new clothes...the  new look, new hair cut!  but really, I'm still the same ME!
I am committed to maintaining.  I want to enjoy this next third of my life being as healthy as is within my power.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Too much holiday. . . .

Too much eating out . . . . I thot I was stronger than that, but the smell of French bread got the better of me and once I started I couldn't stop.  I MUST learn to be moderate.
So . . . . I am doing round 4 of hcg and losing the same weight I lost earlier in the year.  It's so disheartening. AND its coming off SO SLOW!  The smaller clothing I bot in Canada in May are fitting me nicely again.  I do admit they had gotten tight!  BUT... I gave away the biggies, so there was no going back.  Only going forward!   Some days its trying to be summer, so today I bot some new long shorts and they are the smallest size I have purchased for myself for many years!!  Now is the challenge to not grow out of them.  I will start maintenance in a few days.  I look forward to avocado and oil on my salad  and cream in my coffee!  other than that things won't change much.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2 steps forward and 1 back....

Doing the weight release program with a health practitioner in Canada with the injections was an interesting experience.  Im glad I did it.  I didn't lose any more weight or lose it any faster than doing it with the drops here in Australia.  My sister was doing the program at the same time, we often ate together and we DID stick to the program implicitly!!  She also lost the weight very slowly.  I guess its just how our genes function!
It was very hard to do the maintenance part correctly as Pete and I were travelling around Eastern USA.  Lots of fresh lobster!  but also the odd pie....  and once I caved, it was too easy to do it again.  I have gained about 3 kg...but still fitting into my size 14 jeans!!  I plan to attack some more fat the end of Sept/Oct.....
in the mean time, I am off on another adventure!
Going down a French bike path this time.... lots of cheese, wine    and    I hope I can resist the bread and pastries!