Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not so bad....

So the morning after martini sipping my Scales said minus 900 gr...very encouraging. I'm doing something right!! Christmas day being Sunday, I grabbed a coffee from Joes on the way to the Metro to go to Brooklyn to meet with other friends, then another coffee on the way back. It was 2 pm before the o'dourves began: cheeses, meats, fennel dip, champagne ... And lots of other things I didn't eat :-) it was 5pm before dinner was served: roast pork, cranberry vinaigrette, carrot, parsnip, yam, and fennel salad. all very yummy. Plumb pudding brought all the way from NZ by Carolyn and Arnold van Wonderen, with brandy custard. I enjoyed a very yummy sliver!! So, I was doing really well, until some time later, still sitting around the table, I indulged in a little piece of chocolate cheese cake - then I felt yuk!! It so was not worth it! Just my eyes wanted it!
A n y w a y ~ Scales said plus 800gr. That is still minus 100 for the two days of Christmas eating and drinking!! I am exactly the same weight I was the day I started adding new foods to my diet 3 weeks ago!!!
That is the best Christmas present yet!! :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm in New York and its Christmas!! It's so hard...the smell of chestnuts roasting on the streets, even the chillie dog vendors smell good!! Let alone the odd bakery... I have finally learned how to get a good cup of coffee, and sometimes indulge in cream with it.
The day I ate only protein, I got my weight down to where it was supposed to be again...so it pays. But it is so hard to get only protein apart from an omelette for brunch! Steak and salad at home is perfect, but we're eating out so much! Goooood food tho!
I sure hope one day I won't have to think about it all the time. Or maybe it's when I'm not as aware that I fall back to my old habits of wanting to eat randomly! I need to keep my resolve... It's weakening :-/. as I sit here sipping a martini !!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Staying with June in Barbados was even harder to keep to my program!  She was alway wanting to make sure I was eating!  And she went to the trouble to make special things for her guests.   She wanted us to try local food like Pudding and Souse!  The Souce was cold pork cooked a special way, in a dish with finely chopped cucumber in lime juice, and the pudding part was a sweet potato, grated and steamed, to become a clear glump that was sweet and yummy!  Well, it made Pete vomit before the night was out, and gave me diarrhea!!  So that is one way to keep within range!
Another night we went to a local to listen to the steel drums being played.  They are awesome to listen to, and watch, as we sat by the sea, and sipped rum punch....that stuff is So good!  A tiny slice of warm coconut pie was brot for us to sample. . . It was so delicious, in a weak moment we all ordered a piece!  Need to support the local community you know!
So... I'm at the top end of the allowance of 900 grams over my weight at the end of my magic drops. At 900 grams over you are supposed to have nothing to eat all day, and then have a steak for dinner... Wonder if I can do that tomorrow??

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

St. Lucia ~ we have loved you!

I know the weight loss doesn't count when it's caused by being sick...but it's sure fun to see those numbers!! Something didn't sit well and decided to come out in a hurry!
Pete hired a mini bus and driver to show us the sights of the island, fishing villages, roadside stalls with a great view but also hawkers trying to make a living, water falls, a drive in volcano that is steaming and the landmark Pitons...all on a very curvy steep narrow road!
We chose the new fabulous Chocolate Hotel for lunch!! First up were little breads to dip in chocolate and vinegar, or cocao and butter, or cocao and oil all very yummy! I ordered a tuna steak salad and it had a taste of chocolate in the dressing, and little balls of chocolate rolled in hazelnuts along with the local leaves!! Pretty unique flavors!!
We saw the cocao growing on the trees, tasted the raw cocao ~ not sweet, not bitter. The whole place is open the the awesome jungle view of the Pitons! Checked out the rooms too!
Anyway...my system decided it wasn't ready for all those unique flavors and we had to make an emergency stop on the way home...
Today is our last day in St.Lucia...I sit here watching the changing moods of the sea with a variety of craft, the parade of tourists, AnD the black ripped bodies of the locals!! Some pretty interesting hair do's too! Fun fun!

Monday, December 12, 2011


This little tiny Caribbean Island of St.Lucis is a tropical paradise. I went out to the end of the wharf to wave Happy Cat in as it finished the race and came into harbor. They came over and picked me up! So I got in on the official welcome island style! The welcome drink is rum punch ~ feels very potent when I have not drank for a month, and my stomach is pretty empty!! Makes one wobbly pretty quick!! The crew were all So happy to be on land again, and have loved hanging out at our beach today!
I have found a good light lunch is a Caesar salad with chicken and dressing on the side - here that is just lettuce and yummy island style chicken. Lots of fresh sea food for dinner, but must some how get a salad that is not smothered on mayo. Lots of cabbage in a garden salad here. I have been maintaining my weight with in 400 gram of goal so far. I read it's important to stay within 2 pounds.
Rum is the drink of choice here. This is where the rum trade began, way back when. Sugar plantations produced precious commodities ...worth fighting wars over!! My one drink for the day was rum sour! Tastes pretty good, after that sparkling mineral water is the treat!
So far so good.
Some of you wanted to see Pete's face when he saw me thinner. Well he was just so happy to see me after so long...I don't think he noticed! The next day he asked me if I had lost weight? every one is so jubilant to be finished, absolute party mode...must go watch the sunset over the bay. Dinner on the sand with torches burning, balmy evening. Awesome. !!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

21 days ~ a challenge!

 Yesterday was my first taste of new foods since the beginning.  A little oil on my mixed salad - with some avocado, just tasted so good. 
Last night I had a turkey dinner with my girls and family, a little Christmas celebrating before I depart today.  The  b i g   challenge is to maintain while resorting it in St Lucia, Barbados, and Mexico !!  The thot is daunting!  But, my revealing scales are coming along with me and will help to keep me on track every day.   Will I be celebrating my husband's safe journey sailing across the Atlantic, with sparking mineral water??  No Mexican tortillas ooooozing with cheese??
My initial challenge is what to eat  in the next two days while hanging around airports and flying!  Must go get some emergency foods ready._______________________________really recreating myself now.    :-)

3 days....

...with out Magic Drops  were easy!  And the weight continued to fall off.  So my grand total before introducing new foods is 11.5 kg or 25.3 pounds.  24 days ago I could not have imagined!! whoohoo!!
So now I am trying to pack and clothes I thot would be good for this holiday are just too big.... so going back to my older small clothes.  Yes, its wonderful,  just taking more time to work out.
You know...I think my brain was clearer while on the drops.  Wish that was a permanent change!  But now for a permanent change of cell attitude toward storing future fats! _______________________________

Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Days...

Completed... My last weigh in reveals a grand total of 10.3kgs released and burnt up! I set out to be 10 kgs lighter in 3weeks and I won!! (that would be a pleasing result for 3months normally)

Today is my first without the magic drops! I still eat only 500 calories a day for three days without their help. This will be interesting!
But I have grown accustom to the growlies and no longer fear I might starve if I don't eat something quick. Growing up in a family of 6 must have developed an urgency to jump in to get my share.
It's amazing how satisfying 100grams of protein plus one vege has been. Eating too much, until too full, is a bad habit of mine.
Note to Self : p o r t i o n c o n t r o l
I must admit, I am really looking forward to a mixed salad!! Perhaps some avocado!?!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where does it go?

I find it so interesting how the body works.  I have not eaten any fats or put any on my skin for the past 18 days.  I am burning the fat for fuel - for energy, so how do I account for my skin being oily!?! I mean, I don't mind (as long as I don't get pimples!) to have an oily forehead, as my skin is usually so dry!
So with an extra 600 grams released today -- thats bigger than 2 blocks of butter!! -- it has to go somewhere!
I notice when I climb the stairs that I don't have a lot of energy...but it should get easier as I carry less weight up those stairs!___________________________

PS. I just realised that my skin is no longer randomly itchy!!  I must be doing something right...the new body wash?  the Green Qi?  Oh my goodness.....I will be plugging Neways yet!!  What ever it is ~ I Like It!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday already

A 100 gram plus yesterday didn't seem anything to write about....it was my first!  But today is in the minus again.... -.4!  Winning feels so good!  Getting closer to my goal every day.  Drinking lots of water!  of course water in means water out.....always on the run!  But water is a good flush, getting  rid of garbage!
Today  is busy getting ready to be away from home for 5 days: making lists, getting little meat packets ready and frozen, taking the right number of vegetables and fruit, bottled water  and a  little electric frypan to use in my room.  Hope there is a good mini fridge, not too full of mini bar goodies! ______________________

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here we go again

New week has started well, and on track.  Delighted with a release of .9kg this am! That put a smile on my face! It pays to eat white fish and lettuce for dinner.  Its even surprisingly tasty! Fish cooked in garlic and water in a fry pan, and lots of salt.  I have lots of cos lettuce-cut up fine, as its low calorie, and there is lots to chew, so its satisfying.....for a while anyway!
Tonight I bot some Orange Ruffie - I love it 'cause it doesn't taste fishy!  fried it quickly, and then lightly cooked cut up cabbage in the same pan with a little water.  I can pretend its noodles!  not bad at all.
So I guess fish is a staple for this week_____________________________________

Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of week two

I am doing this publicly to keep myself on track...so I need to keep the information out there!  This is the last weigh for this week ~
 .5 released this morning,
 2.4 released for the week, so that is a total of
 7.7 kg released in 2 weeks!! Pretty amazing!!
One more week to go, and no predictions...just take one day at a time :) 
 I won't say its easy...but I am committed.  I nearly forgot yesterday when Cedar offered me a yummy chocolate desert.  Then she couldn't understand when I refused something so yummy!  especially when its made from avocado! (so its really a vegetable, or is that a fruit?) ;)
 I just love the eucalyptus trees that are shedding their bark...getting rid of the excess they don't need, and they are so smooth and sleek underneath.  I am relating... ;-)
Here's to success!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adding up...

I have a new Mac!  I'm so excited!! It does amazing things...I'm just learning, thanks to Laurence and his dedicated hours of transferring stuff from Old Computer, setting up iCloud, and showing me how things work.  Lot of practise needed yet.  No more Old Computer closing down on me!
So far this week I have released 1.5 kgs.  It looks better when I add up all the little bits!  When it seems slow, I must remember this program is way faster than any other reduction program I have tried.    I really want to reach my goal of 10 kgs. released before I head off on my next adventure!
I have heard my stomach growling before the next feed time, so I have decided to take the drops 4 times a day, in hopes that I am not going into starvation mode in-between doses, thus slowing down their work on the hypothalamus.
I am not taking my thyroxine which I have been on since the kids were little, but I am taking some special supplements -non oily ones- and I feel great!!  I am delighted by how much energy I have,  and that my clothes are feeling more comfortable!   3 more days to this week_______________________________

Monday, November 21, 2011


Minus point four is a bit of a come down from those big numbers, and I guess I'm not busy enough!  Ive been watching the start of the ARC where Pete is, Ive cleaned up all the stuff I took to quilt camp, but not creating anything exciting, Im going to the eye dr. because of another floater in my eye....So I will take my purple crayon and go create a new environment (and state of mind)___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The First Week!

I have released 5.3 kg in one week!!  I can hardly believe it...I'm afraid it won't be true next time I step on the scales!! A friend asked what that converted to in pounds = 11.66 lbs!  It wasn't that hard and the results are over the top!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Today one of our quilting girls-Viv, called in to say HI, and everyone was awed by how much weight she has lost.  How did she do it?  HCG!  Well, suddenly lots of people were interested in the program!!  One girl was desperate to lose weight for an up coming operation, so she already has the drops coming in the mail!!! (thanks Laurie) she just couldn't believe how fast that could happen, and I can see she is so excited about it!!  2 others are very keen, and another is skeptical...so wants to read the book first!  thats ok....I was skeptical at first - until I saw such amazing results in others!  Its very helpful to read the book.  Viv had no arthritis pain while on the HCG and had a real sense of well being.  So, one by one, we will change the image of quilting ladies!!
I was so productive- in 3 1/2 days I made 3 new tops and quilted and bound a top I had made before.  I had lots of energy!   I am home again....looking forward to week 2!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday

...already! The week has gone fast and it's getting easier. It was so fun to tell all the girls at quilt camp this morning that I had released 2.9 kg in one day!! Too good to be true!! I love such a trend! I did find the cheese very tempting today... It kept whispering to me!
It's certainly easier at home where I have abolished all temptation, but this is real life. I sure hope this program X however many times I need to repeat it to be free of abnormal fat, releases the stronghold food has over me...breaks the lifelong bad habits!!
Eat to live not live to eat! Just refuel! Too bad our social life is geared around eat and drink... Let's all take up dancing!!

Burn Baby Burn!!

That's what I tell myself when I think about food. But I am so strong when I have my mind made up. The girl were passing around chocolate coated licorice and plates of home cooked slices... But I just sit down to my steak and cabbage!! Food tastes so good when you don't eat much of it. It's nice to have no indigestion!! I was reading in the book that its normal to get headaches at this stage,, so I guess I'm normal!! It didnt stop me from producing another small quilt top :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minus Three

I like these new scales...perhaps I should name them!  They say I have release 3 kg !! Wow!!
That is such an encouraging start.
Ok....I'm off to quilt camp for 4 days.  I have all my food, my friendly scales, my clothes, 2 litre bottles of water.....but wait ~ i dont have any sewing! 
I'm not sure if I will be able to post from this little tiny place called Vacy  but there is no stopping me now....
I have my purple crayon__________________________

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Muther Hubbard....

The cupboards are bare!!  The Big benifit of being alone right now, is I don't have to see, smell or handle any other food!  everything perishable is gone!  If anyone drops by they get black coffee and a rice cracker!!  I quite enjoyed my black coffee this morning :)
Today I purchased a new scales....oh the things it can tell me!  And it can recognize me...pretty clever huh!  I sure hope it will tell me nice things...like a less percentage of my body is fat  and it weighs less....  I will have a little visit with it each morning.
Old habits die hard....I am so accustomed to eating in the afternoons, about the time the kids would have come home from school as they did  for 25 years or so, that I found it really hard not to be tempted to munch on  s o m e t h i n g!! 
For dinner tonight I had chicken cooked in a little water with garlic ~ tasty! with 120 grams of celery - which is only 20 calories!  hardly gourmet....but tasty and chewy and satisfying!
will survive___________________________________________________

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 2

Shock Horror!! The scales said plus 2 this morning!! Two days of eating as much high fat foods as possible...was harder than you'ld think as high fat foods are Very satisfying, and I was NOT hungry.
Oh well, tomorrow will make up for it!
I'm mourning my cuppaccinos already!! Who knows?? I might get addicted to long blacks....but the best part of coffee is slurping that delicious silked milk and chocolate off the top!  AND I have been walking to the shops with the cuppa as my reward....so lets see, what else can I go there for??  Green tea just doesn't have the same pull!  I suppose i COULD go the other way to the bush and listen to the birds.

I have cleared my cupboards and fridge of all tempting foods.  Its nice to have such an empty fridge!  My vegetables for the week: tomatoe, cucumber, celery, asparagus and cabbage don't take up much room!  My chicken and steak are all neatly cut up in 100 gram packages in the freezer.  Later in the week I will buy some white fish and prawns for variety.

Tomorrow I am going to buy an new scales....one that complements me on my great success=)   . . . .and a new computer!

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Here goes ~  I recently read "that over eating is a result of the disorder, not its cause". 
I totally agree!! SO...to release fat, I first must fix the cause. 
HCG is a new to me: Human chorionic gonadotropin is used to reset the hypothalamus gland which in turn tells the body to burn the abnormal fat as fuel!
I'm so excited!!  Today is day 1 of the next 23 days.
I have HCG in drop form, taking 6 drops x3 and today I'm supposed to eat lots of high fat foods - to fat load.  Its been hard as fats are very satisfying and I'm not hungry!  but that encourages me, that cutting back to a 500 calorie diet after tomorrow, won't be so hard!  Yes, I said 500! shocking isn't it!  I thot so too, but I have seen the results in others on the program and  I am impressed! 
So here goes....I'm taking my purple crayon and recreating my life___________________________________________________