Friday, November 18, 2011

Burn Baby Burn!!

That's what I tell myself when I think about food. But I am so strong when I have my mind made up. The girl were passing around chocolate coated licorice and plates of home cooked slices... But I just sit down to my steak and cabbage!! Food tastes so good when you don't eat much of it. It's nice to have no indigestion!! I was reading in the book that its normal to get headaches at this stage,, so I guess I'm normal!! It didnt stop me from producing another small quilt top :)


  1. Marti! This is so exciting to read! ;-) your commitment is inspiring! And don't you feel powerful when you can say no!
    To reduce the headaches, increase your water! LOL!
    Looking forward to the next post with the weight reduced for yesterday! It'll make avoiding the Lollie's and cakes worth it!

  2. By the way Marti you'll have higher numbers being released if you can get into bed before 11pm! Because it allows your adrenals to recover and the body the opportunity to break down the fat etc!