Monday, January 30, 2012

Second Week...

Done.  -2.9 for the week...that's 5.5kg gone so far for round two.  Whaoo!
I'm at the beach with Pete, eating out, socializing with others...It's really hard.  The littlest deviation from the program has set me back.  I have declared that I will not eat out this next week while at South West Rocks.
I can really FEEL when I have hit the wall and putting the drops under my tongue gives such quick relief...much quicker than eating food.  I have worked out pretty good timing to take the drops and when to eat, so I hope that I am getting maximum benefit from the program.  This round is slower than last time,  but my determination is still strong!  Stubborn, well settled fat to burn!!
It felt SO good to be on my bike again, first time since being in the UK last northern summer.  I have a goal to work towards - bike ride in France coming up the end of July.  I WILL take it easy to start with - dont want to be fainting off my bike!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week One. . . Round Two

First week has gone by so quickly. I have been busy, thats good for taking my mind off the growlies. 6 days with magic drops and one without - that is today....
Ok ... That was yesterday, it was a really hard day. I felt flat. I was hungry. I had not lost weight from the night before: too much steak soaked in butter and lettuce with a little dressing. Such little strays from the program....then the consequences! I had even watched my friend eat a delicious looking gelato while I sipped a bitter decaf coffee - that still kept me awake till 2 am!!
But . . .
Today is the reward!!
. . . YAHOO!! I am into two didgets!!
I am under 100 kg.
That might not mean much to all you feather weights, but it's a momentous ocassion for me!! My feet will thank me!! I celebrated. . . With a cup of coffee!
I have achieved a minus 3.5 kgs on my first week of round two.
Yaaaaaaaa me ______________________________

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here we go again....

Round 2.  I was fat loading anyway, so Sat I started with the magic drops. It was hard to keep my mind on it...not the dedication I had the first round.  I kept forgetting to take the drops at the right time.  It was a good time to have visitors over.
Monday was my first day of 500 calories for the day.  I had a bit of a head ache....not enough water!  
 I took an apple out with me to Ikea, to meet up with Cherry and kids.  It makes watching other people eat, easier!
Scout came home with me for her first sleep over...very exciting!  I cooked  gnocchi for her - her choice, and made pesto from the basil Pete trimmed up. It's the first time I have licked my fingers or the bowl (it was SO yummy!) ... In other words been naughty!  And today I'm a whole kg lighter!! Beginners luck? 
Hmmmm.... I already feel thinner.  It's so important to feel like I'm winning. 
I'm back to black coffee - I must find a cafe in Beecroft that serve coffee good black....I have learned that it's not the same coffee that is wonderful with silked milk in it!!  Scout and I went out for "coffee" to Chicken and Fishead and his coffee is too strong when black.
i plan to do this program for about 38 days this time.  will be interesting to see how much I can release the second time round!  That gives me time to do the 21 days of maintenance before my next holiday!! is tough!!
This release session takes me to a place I have not been for a LONG time!  its exciting but its also hard.  I need to be held accountable, so I do appreciate your support.
I just love how Harold creates his reality ________________________________

Home home...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.... 5 days of travelling, not eating properly, not weighing.... then I'm home.  I feel fat, I can't weigh because I left the scales behind for Paul and Sharon.  My eating is out of control...I could just eat and eat until I'm as fat as before.... but I HAVE set a date with Laurence to get back on track.  So before he comes over, I rush out and buy and new set of scales.  Weighing that first morning, set my mind to the project again.  Its amazing the power of the scales.  I NEED to know what is happening, to keep it in check.  I have been amazed at how important it is to weigh every day, at this point in my journey anyway.  I did SO well the whole time I was travelling,  I just couldn't blow it all once home.  I know I am an 'all or nothing' person, I find it very hard to be moderate.  I wish I could be moderate!!  Moderator or Abstainer
So, as soon as I saw just what the damage was...I cut out/cut back and a couple of days I was back!!  This is a new phenomena!!  I love it!! My body knows where it is suppose to be...according to my last weigh loss thru HCG.
Now I am going to change all that!!_____________________________________

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mexican Fish

We started out with a table for 4... Too soon we were a table for 3. Now that the staff have finally decided to leave two tables together for this odd trio ~ for the mamma! We are down to a table for two!! Just mother and son! Sharon is enroute to NZ for a family wedding.
A rainbow fish turned on its side to look up at me. What is this monster snorkeling above me?? Lots of little yellow with black stripped curious fish swam right up to my mask - I even felt some little nibbles. Glad I didn't taste too good...there were some fair sized barracudas down there with lots of big teeth!!
Lunch of fish tacos....again! Good stuff.
A couple of steak nights and my weight is back on target again. It's only been up or down 900 grams or so. I'm glad for the reassurance of the scales, as Iam feeling fat again. I've gotten used to where I'm at, and I'm getting impatient to release the next 10. It should get me to a space I have not been in for a l o n g time. Exciting!
Tomorrow, Paul and I go back to New York. Sunday I head home, arriving Tues am.
I need to get on with this recreating______________________________________________>

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

I read that only 8% of people can successfully make lasting changes in their lives. That's a pretty discouraging amount. I don't want to be part of the 92% that fail....but it would be so easy! Succeeding is hard work! Theoretically I have finished my maintenance, and now I should be able to gradually add some carbs to my meals. I feel so guilty with carbs...they are the big bad wolf.
We enjoyed the best lunch ever today...fresh fish tacos! They were so yummy...I could get hooked! But they were soon after we had been swimming with the dolphins and that was the best fun I've had for a long time! So likely on a bit of a high!! My first kiss....from a dolphin!
Yesterday we were at the Mayan ruins called Chichen-Itza on a bus tour and usually bus tour food is pretty substandard....but the guide had told us that a typical Mayan food was the pulled pork tacos, with unusual was delicious! No, Mayans are not extinct! There are about 3 million between Guatemala and the Yucatan where we are.
The Mayans brot corn, the calendar and ball games to our civilization. There has been lots of talk of the end of the Mayan calendar. It is the end of an era, the Picean age, the fish, the dark age. Will be a start of a new age...but they don't know what will happen. It was very interesting to see ruins, that were first built about 3000 years before Christ.

I am trying so hard to keep my weight close to my finishing weigh in, that some times I wonder if I'm eating enough. I do need to keep my metabolism rate going! I enjoyed a nice little fillet tonight, with a Mayan Salad. Meals not too big like Americans ones can be. And we shared a nice bottle of red... The morning weigh in keeps me motivated.