Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why why why.... it SO HARD to Maintain???
 I did the hcg maintenance so absolutely perfectly, gradually adding a little more fats~oil, nuts, avocado, more salads, fruits etc... I was so careful not to have any breads or sweets or alcohol for at least 3 weeks, but even so, the scales crept upward!  it was so discouraging!  I felt I probably wasn't eating enough, from what I have leaned about dieting in the past, but I was almost scared to eat at all.  I gained about 2 kg and then leveled off.  I thot: ok, lets maintain here....but then Christmas came along, lots of parties and food and I was up another 2 kg.  It would have been so easy to give up!
If I have to work SO hard to maintain, I'd rather be at my optimum size and weight, and then continue to fight for it!  I need at least a 6 month break from hcg now for it to work, and by then I will be travelling again.  I need to do something NOW!
By chance I happened to watch a movie, not even knowing what it was called ~ about this guy who does juice, has cured his disease and lost 200 pounds.  It was very inspiring!!  I even own a juicer, so I got it off the shelf, dusted it, and bot some vegetables and fruit!
I subsequently told others about it, and they had all heard of Joe Cross!  Fat Sick & Nearly Dead:

Jan 1 2013 is day one of at least a 15 day juice fast!!
 I buy fruit and vege every 2 days!!  Pete has the odd juice and I have been giving my grand boys (staying here with me for a month) one juice a day too!  So...I use LOTS of green groceries!!
Today is the end of day 5 and I'm feeling great.  I feel so clean inside!!  AND I'm watching the scales retreat back to where they are suppose to be, and when I get below that..... then I am progressing!
Pete and I and the boys did a bike ride across the harbour bridge and around the Quay today.  I love it!
I didn't have my usual energy, but I did pretty good!

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  1. WOW! I had no idea! Fantastic! So are you on day 10 now? How are you doing? :o)