Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Too much holiday. . . .

Too much eating out . . . . I thot I was stronger than that, but the smell of French bread got the better of me and once I started I couldn't stop.  I MUST learn to be moderate.
So . . . . I am doing round 4 of hcg and losing the same weight I lost earlier in the year.  It's so disheartening. AND its coming off SO SLOW!  The smaller clothing I bot in Canada in May are fitting me nicely again.  I do admit they had gotten tight!  BUT... I gave away the biggies, so there was no going back.  Only going forward!   Some days its trying to be summer, so today I bot some new long shorts and they are the smallest size I have purchased for myself for many years!!  Now is the challenge to not grow out of them.  I will start maintenance in a few days.  I look forward to avocado and oil on my salad  and cream in my coffee!  other than that things won't change much.


  1. oooh! LOVE the quote!!! that's all it takes! just believing you can. and so you do. and keep doing!!! good on ya. keep taking pictures! they're huge motivators!! xoxo

  2. take the verification thing off your blog! tooooo hard! see if you get a bunch of spam -- if you don't, then keep it off :o) xo