Thursday, July 26, 2012

2 steps forward and 1 back....

Doing the weight release program with a health practitioner in Canada with the injections was an interesting experience.  Im glad I did it.  I didn't lose any more weight or lose it any faster than doing it with the drops here in Australia.  My sister was doing the program at the same time, we often ate together and we DID stick to the program implicitly!!  She also lost the weight very slowly.  I guess its just how our genes function!
It was very hard to do the maintenance part correctly as Pete and I were travelling around Eastern USA.  Lots of fresh lobster!  but also the odd pie....  and once I caved, it was too easy to do it again.  I have gained about 3 kg...but still fitting into my size 14 jeans!!  I plan to attack some more fat the end of Sept/Oct.....
in the mean time, I am off on another adventure!
Going down a French bike path this time.... lots of cheese, wine    and    I hope I can resist the bread and pastries!


  1. Good luck Marti and happy travels. Sure sorry that I missed seeing you and Pete, but I didn't want to miss the wedding either!

  2. Marti, Great article, although your likeness to Kermit is definitely not you... :-) Your proportioned much better! And just remember all that extra excercise will counteract the additional calories from the cheese, wine and yummy rich food!
    Have an amazing time!