Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week one done.

I have survived! I have released 2.1 kg this week. Doesn't seem very much, but I am feeling thinner. I do like the feeling of not being bloated with food. I should have stayed away from the shops until I'm finished . . . But, I saw a top that I just love! I bot 2, one that fits perfect, and one quite tight. The lady in the shop just about laughed when I said it might fit me perfect in two weeks! But it just might! Either way, I can take one of them back... The dr. I am seeing, thinks my bike riding could hinder the weight loss . . . I have been enjoying it so much. Also I am taking a thyroid booster. She doesn't agree with stopping thyroid treatment while on the program. On to my second week...meanwhile my husband is celebrating his 65 th birthday at home! Kinda wish I was there too.

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