Saturday, May 12, 2012

Round 3 ~ day 1

I've done it!! I have stuck myself with a needle!! It feels quite different to the time I put a sewing machine needle thru my finger nail!! It was quite easy actually. So, I give myself one injection each morning, and then just have a a cup of coffee, (and a bit of pond scum!). ;) as opposed to taking the drops three times a day. I am fat loading for two days...I've had apple pie, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, steak and salad, cheese, ribs, I couldn't possibly fit anything more in!! I have been eating so much less for a good 6 months now. One more fat loading's actually good to be eating all the food that I like to partake of when I come to Canada ~ without feeling guilty! Today was a nice sunny day and it's warm in the sun, but the previous two days were SO COLD! I'm keen to get my bike out and do some riding!

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