Friday, May 25, 2012

Two weeks...

I'm coming up to the end of two weeks here in Canada. It seems a long time when my main focus is eating...or not eating!! So far I have lost 6.5 kg or 14.3 pounds. My goal was to fit into size 14 clothes.....I am in size 14 jeans today and they feel great!! There is still too much fat hanging around, so I still have a fair way to go!! Actually, I think a 14 is a bigger size here than in Aussie.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had some fun with numbers this morning, and it was encouraging! In the one week since 'fat loading' I have lost 5.1 kg = 11.22 pounds! I am weighing in the 80's instead of the 90's now ~ yaaaa! (kgs). I am nicely below 200 pounds now. AND. . . I have released a total of 51.48 pounds!! Whoopeeeee! Oh Happy Feet! That's really when loosing is winning! : - )

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week one done.

I have survived! I have released 2.1 kg this week. Doesn't seem very much, but I am feeling thinner. I do like the feeling of not being bloated with food. I should have stayed away from the shops until I'm finished . . . But, I saw a top that I just love! I bot 2, one that fits perfect, and one quite tight. The lady in the shop just about laughed when I said it might fit me perfect in two weeks! But it just might! Either way, I can take one of them back... The dr. I am seeing, thinks my bike riding could hinder the weight loss . . . I have been enjoying it so much. Also I am taking a thyroid booster. She doesn't agree with stopping thyroid treatment while on the program. On to my second week...meanwhile my husband is celebrating his 65 th birthday at home! Kinda wish I was there too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It feels so good to be eating less and losing weight. I gained 1.5 on the two fat loading days, then lost 1.1 the first day on the 500 calories. Today I'm down .7. So from my original weight I have lost .3... So I'm off and running! I'm not used to the dry air here, so I am missing the use of lotions on my skin and some ointment in my nose. I'm loving getting some exercise everyday - going to the gym with my sister today. The bike ride yesterday was fun! Spring time here - new life everywhere. There is a busy little squirrel living in a bird house on the front porch. Fun to see the little quails scurry about.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Doesn't feel like Mother's day

Whew! I'm so glad to be cutting my food intake right back to 500 calories a day!, by last night I was nauseous and in pain from all the high caloric fatty foods. I gained 1.5 kgs in the two fat loading days...sure hope it's worth it! Yesterday I did the same bike ride that M-S and I did two years ago, and I found it so much easier... That's a +++++! Looking forward to today's ride. It's spring time here... So beautiful! Fresh and green,Lots of tree blossoms and bulbs blooming. I love the lilacs!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Round 3 ~ day 1

I've done it!! I have stuck myself with a needle!! It feels quite different to the time I put a sewing machine needle thru my finger nail!! It was quite easy actually. So, I give myself one injection each morning, and then just have a a cup of coffee, (and a bit of pond scum!). ;) as opposed to taking the drops three times a day. I am fat loading for two days...I've had apple pie, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, steak and salad, cheese, ribs, I couldn't possibly fit anything more in!! I have been eating so much less for a good 6 months now. One more fat loading's actually good to be eating all the food that I like to partake of when I come to Canada ~ without feeling guilty! Today was a nice sunny day and it's warm in the sun, but the previous two days were SO COLD! I'm keen to get my bike out and do some riding!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Adventure Awaits...

So...I'm heading to Kelowna/Vernon BC Canada, 3 weeks ahead of Pete.  I am doing the weight release program with a health practitioner  who uses injections instead of drops.  It will be interesting to see if it works better for me. I am trying to psych myself up to be giving me!!
I am setting out to lose another 10 kgs!!
There's a spending spree in a 'normal size' shop coming up, before Peter comes over and we go tripping around!!

On my 21 days of maintenance I will be spending a few days in Vancouver catching up with friends, a weekend in Boston with Paul and Sharon, a week on a cruise off Rhode Island - seeing Martha's Vineyard, and some light houses!
Then a weekend in NY,  over to Calgary, then Kelowna.  Pete has not been to Canada for 11 years, so ITS ABOUT TIME!
I am telling myself already that 'its ok to leave food on my plate' !  no one will starve because of it!    I must maintain my hard-earned new body!!

"Anything's possible"!!

I love that ~ setting the skinny mini free!

a new adventure coming up!