Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Losing is Winning...

Is there anything other than a few extra pounds that makes losing feel like winning??  When the scales say I've lost a little, I feel like the biggest winner!  I bounce!  When its the opposite, I berate myself, I feel like eating more... and so the cycle goes.
The pain I had in my upper back after losing 20 kgs. and the unbalanced feeling, are gone.  The remaining fat has redistributed, and I feel fat again.  I always feel scared that I will just put all the weight back on, after working SOOOOO hard to get it off.  But not scared enough to counter the nibblies late in the afternoons.
I had 4 different meals in a week that had a little rice with them - Indian, Thai, and Sushi.  And I gained over a kg.  It seems carbs are the enemy.  Rice, bread, root vegetables, sugar - they are all so hard to avoid, especially when we eat out so much.  Yes, I am struggling.  I do so much better when I'm on a program and I know exactly what I can and cannot eat.  Making choices is HARD!

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