Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Next Third

1952 was the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese....but I'm not Chinese, can I still like Dragons?
Nevertheless....60 years have passed since then.  60!?!?!   I can hardly believe it.  My parents were SO OLD at 60!  at least I thot they were.  but for me....I have just hit the next third!   My contemporaries are saying their bodies start breaking down and falling apart at 60.  Well, have I got news for you . . . . mine is just getting better and better!!
These are the pictures I found of my mum right about 60!
She lived her next third!

 this was taken last October. Before my program.

This was taken in Jan after losing 10kgs.

This is the most recent one of me, after losing 20 kgs.
I guess I look equally as old as my mum did at 60!

Onward to my next third!!!

Peter is taking me to Wolgan Valley Spa Resort, owned by Emirits.  Should be pretty nice!  Its in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
Very exciting....

        Happy Birthday to ME!

PS...Yaaaaaa!!(with lots of squeals and wiggles and squiggles)I have reached my second big goal!!  I am under 200 pounds! 199.76 to be precise!  only just...but I have reached a goal never the less!  IT feels SO GOOD!   Best birthday gift to myself ever!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Oh WoW!  I feel even MORE excited about this weekend now!)


  1. Oh Marti, Heather and I are so thrilled and proud for you! What an awesome testament to commitment, faith, detirmination and persistance!
    We love the inspiration that you are to so many of us!
    Thank you!

  2. WAHOOOOO! and you know what? I always have thought Gma was such a beautiful woman... but you know what? You don't look as old as she did at 60!!! not at all! not that looking old is terrible, it's not. but you're NOT old, so no sense looking it! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Let that frothy milk in your coffee be your treat!! I had one today, and OH MY! so good! xoxoxoxo

  3. Good for you for reaching your goal! Now enjoy your b'day treat at the spa with pete ;0)

  4. Wow Marti! You have every reason to be excited! You are looking fabulous and must feel even better:-) Good on ya!