Monday, February 6, 2012

No More Saggy Baggys

Because my jeans were so baggy when I was in New York in Dec ~ after losing my first 10 kg. . . . I bot the tightest 'Not My Daughters Jeans' that I could get on. Saturday I tried them on  and they fit perfect!!  That is so exciting!  The unfortunate part is that it's  Feb in Australia, and it should be WAY too HoT for jeans . . . And it's not!
Today I wore my grey saggy baggy elephant pants for the last time!

AND I bot some new ones!
plus horizontal stripes!!  wow, really getting brave!


  1. Wowzas aunty you look amazing!!!!!! Great work :) I was wondering when I'd see a photo of you! I'll have to show mum, :)

  2. Marti, Heather and I were absolutely amazed with the difference we saw in you this afternoon! We are so thrilled for you! Thanks for posting the photos, we love the new outfit!

  3. Cheeky bum!! :-)
    Looking great! Keep going!,