Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"Faith first, mindset second, goals third, action fourth, persistence always."
 I like that!
 I believe I can,  set the mind, set the goal, act upon it . . . .  then persistence!!
When attempting to make big changes in your life   . . . . like losing weight, its most important to get a 'mindset'.  Be very definite about what you are doing.  Its very hard!
'Persistence always' . . . I guess I will spend the rest of my life trying to achieve that!

Friday night I had my first birthday celebration - my first mixed meal for 6 weeks!  Kazbah is a great place with very tasty food!  A mezza platter for entree had delectable morsels on it.  I was hungry . . .  so how could I resist?  I didn't eat very much, then a lamb shank for mains, one glass of red wine.  I had such stomach pains!!  my poor stomach didn't know what hit it!!  Must have been the fried Halomi cheese!
Generally I am eating pretty much the same as on the program, with more salad stuff together, a bit of coconut oil to fry in, and cream in my coffee.  but my mind is all at sea. . . it has to make decisions!!  I'm scared that I might look in the mirror and suddenly be fat again!  I have to remind myself that my watch is tight now, because I had a link taken out!
I read in the book Pounds and Inches, that when you lose fat out of the muscles, then the muscles are too long and need to contract more when used, so can be painful.  That would account also for the core muscles working harder to find the centre of balance.  I am feeling better already, and have fewer incidence of lightheadedness.
I have just realised that I am not eating enough protein, now that my body is not being nourished by consuming my fat!    mmmmmm....can't wait for breakfast!!

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  1. aaah, yes. probably better to slowly add in foods than go to ethnic restaurant and have a bonanza of flavours and newness! but it sounds like it was fun, so maybe worth it...
    i can so relate to the mind being at sea... having to make choices instead of just being so confined to "safety". it's like we can't trust ourselves... almost like religion where we want someone to just TELL us what to believe instead of finding our own way... and just as much reason to really find a way to stay present, really tune-in and see what our BODY is telling us! because we really DO know. we're just rushing about so much we're not slowing down enough to really hear. it's like trying to have a really deep meaningful conversation whilst skiing down the slopes! not possible! must STOP and really listen. look yourself in the eyes, so to speak, and find out what your body's deepest wisdom has to say for itself after ALL THESE YEARS! xoxo