Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Half way there....

So...that is the end of drops for now.  Its been a long slow 6 weeks.  I am happy with my new figure....and the looseness of my clothes!  My watch turns around on my wrist, my ring falls to the side....its easier to get up from sitting position, I guess easier to get around all together!
I have lost 10% body fat... according to my scales.  I don't quite know how that works....just a guess taking my height into consideration,  I think.  I still seem to have plenty of it hanging around!
I have burned up 21.1 kgs of fat, or 46.42 pounds!!   I guess that is about half of my desired weight loss.  So, there will be more big burn sessions coming up!
I look forward to regaining my strength and endurance and getting on my bike.  we have a big bike ride coming up in Aug.  I DO want to enjoy it.
Now I have three days of 500 calories with no drops and then maintenance for 21 days.  That takes us up to our "Celebration of Life" in Fiji!!


  1. wow. so inspiring, you are, M!! hip hip hooray! can't wait to celebrate together!!! xoxo

  2. Fabulous! So many people have just given up, but you are fighting and winning... you'll do great in Fiji... I would love to have a vacation eating grilled fish and salad on the beach... I guess you can do that there?!