Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four weeks....

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  
I like to be positive, but I won't say its easy, or fun . . . . its jolly hard!!  But its worth it!!
Only -1.8 for a whole week of self denial, watching others eat yummy food, smelling tempting foods, SEEING childhood triggers.  Oh my goodness. . . .Costco was a mouth watering experience!  Every time I go to Canada, we would go to Costco and get some big topped muffins, or big pie, or big chocolate cake. . . . now we have Costco locally, I will just have to stay out of the bakery section!!  Then there is all the food samples for you to try. . .  I have always tried them!!  Sure a good thing I don't need to go there very often.  I generally shop locally, I like to support my local shops.  I don't need a 36 pack of toilet paper!  Just some tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage,apples, oranges, strawberries, rice crackers, sea food, mince, chicken AND coffee!  My diet is pretty simple!  I think I miss cheese and avocado the most!  I am very comfortable eating such small meals.  Oh, I did buy a case of Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. . . . that is my treat with a little lime squeezed in.
I have definitely felt better this week since using some new drops.  I have more energy and not so light headed with the feeling of passing out when I first stand up.  I am also making sure I drink 2 litres of water plus what ever else I might drink, only washing in soap with no fats, AND going to bed by 11 pm!  Some little . 5 losses are encouraging too.
So far I have released 8.9 kg on this Round 2, two more weeks to go and I desperately want to reach my next big goal of being under ninety kg!!  (that makes me under two hundred pounds)  Then I need to stabilise for a few months.
So. . . . I'm off with a purpose to make the next 2 weeks work for me!_________________________


  1. Marti... This is so great! I love your focus & detirmination!
    You'll achieve your goal, I'm sure of it! So good to see the numbers starting to move again!
    Hey next time you're going to Costco let us know and we'll come with you, support when there is temptation makes it a whole lot easier!!

  2. Aaah! Just the inspiration I need tonight! Xoxo

  3. i miss squash too. roast pumpkin this time of year. and roast parsnips and roast carrots and roast anything. oil. i miss oil. ;o)