Friday, February 24, 2012


Whew! Week 6 is DONE!!  ------11.5kg this Round.  It was a long haul.  Not sure I would do a 40 day stint again.  21days seems more doable.  I feel it will be good to maintain for a while now.
Tonight I am celebrating my birthday with my sisterinlaws @ Kazbah!  so YES, I am going to add a little variety to my diet with some North African food!  a little kick start to my 21 days of maintenance!
There is nothing in my closet to wear!! to show off my new body shape!  All my clothes are SO baggy.  I have gone past any 'too small' clothes I have kept from previous flurries into reducing.   Oh well, my face definitely shows signs of weight loss!  :-()  (that looks like a sock monkey smile!)
So . . . .Harold . . .lets get active with recreating my life_____________________________!


  1. Definitely time for a new outfit... huge congratulations! Say Hi to the sils for me:-)And have a wonderful birthday.

  2. oh DO SHOW us some photos!!! of just what the purple crayon has created!!! and DO keep blogging here... let us know what foods are especially tantalizing, how you're doing with cravings and temptations... how your attitudes around food and "treats" and all is changing and growing... DO DO DO!