Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week One. . . Round Two

First week has gone by so quickly. I have been busy, thats good for taking my mind off the growlies. 6 days with magic drops and one without - that is today....
Ok ... That was yesterday, it was a really hard day. I felt flat. I was hungry. I had not lost weight from the night before: too much steak soaked in butter and lettuce with a little dressing. Such little strays from the program....then the consequences! I had even watched my friend eat a delicious looking gelato while I sipped a bitter decaf coffee - that still kept me awake till 2 am!!
But . . .
Today is the reward!!
. . . YAHOO!! I am into two didgets!!
I am under 100 kg.
That might not mean much to all you feather weights, but it's a momentous ocassion for me!! My feet will thank me!! I celebrated. . . With a cup of coffee!
I have achieved a minus 3.5 kgs on my first week of round two.
Yaaaaaaaa me ______________________________


  1. Hurray!!!!
    Now you are being my role model... I've kinda slipped off the wagon a little bit since summer, then another 5 lbs or so in Oz... so you are inspiring me to work harder!
    Yay you-------------------------------------!

  2. Wowowowow!! Yay you!!! So proud of you! It is SO hard and you are really winning! So inspiring!!

  3. Thank you Thank you....hard? - yes. worth it? - yes!!
    Hey Karen... here a 5, there a 5, and pretty soon its 35!! Its so easy to get used to the size we are and just accommodate it. I wonder what it will feel like to be SLIM!?! will I ever FEEL slim??

  4. Marti, congratulations! We are so proud of your achievement, & you're right a -5 here and a -5 there and soon it'll be -35!
    Nothing tastes like skinny feels! ;-)