Monday, January 30, 2012

Second Week...

Done.  -2.9 for the week...that's 5.5kg gone so far for round two.  Whaoo!
I'm at the beach with Pete, eating out, socializing with others...It's really hard.  The littlest deviation from the program has set me back.  I have declared that I will not eat out this next week while at South West Rocks.
I can really FEEL when I have hit the wall and putting the drops under my tongue gives such quick relief...much quicker than eating food.  I have worked out pretty good timing to take the drops and when to eat, so I hope that I am getting maximum benefit from the program.  This round is slower than last time,  but my determination is still strong!  Stubborn, well settled fat to burn!!
It felt SO good to be on my bike again, first time since being in the UK last northern summer.  I have a goal to work towards - bike ride in France coming up the end of July.  I WILL take it easy to start with - dont want to be fainting off my bike!!


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  2. Good on you Marti - I am starting another round next week....will keep you posted..:-)

    1. Keep it up Marti, it's worth it. Wow biking in France!
      This is timely for me, went out to a friend's for dinner, gained a pound. Not terrible, but I need to LOSE about 9 or 10. So thanks for being my inspiration!

  3. Marti this is awesome news! You're doing so well again!!! And being challenged by all that yummy holiday food, along with the delicious food Peter would be cooking up! But of course, the sacrifice is so worth it when you think of how amazing it'll be riding through France being the lightest and fittest you've been in years!
    Keep going Marti!
    Thanks for your inspiration!