Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

I read that only 8% of people can successfully make lasting changes in their lives. That's a pretty discouraging amount. I don't want to be part of the 92% that fail....but it would be so easy! Succeeding is hard work! Theoretically I have finished my maintenance, and now I should be able to gradually add some carbs to my meals. I feel so guilty with carbs...they are the big bad wolf.
We enjoyed the best lunch ever today...fresh fish tacos! They were so yummy...I could get hooked! But they were soon after we had been swimming with the dolphins and that was the best fun I've had for a long time! So likely on a bit of a high!! My first kiss....from a dolphin!
Yesterday we were at the Mayan ruins called Chichen-Itza on a bus tour and usually bus tour food is pretty substandard....but the guide had told us that a typical Mayan food was the pulled pork tacos, with unusual was delicious! No, Mayans are not extinct! There are about 3 million between Guatemala and the Yucatan where we are.
The Mayans brot corn, the calendar and ball games to our civilization. There has been lots of talk of the end of the Mayan calendar. It is the end of an era, the Picean age, the fish, the dark age. Will be a start of a new age...but they don't know what will happen. It was very interesting to see ruins, that were first built about 3000 years before Christ.

I am trying so hard to keep my weight close to my finishing weigh in, that some times I wonder if I'm eating enough. I do need to keep my metabolism rate going! I enjoyed a nice little fillet tonight, with a Mayan Salad. Meals not too big like Americans ones can be. And we shared a nice bottle of red... The morning weigh in keeps me motivated.

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