Friday, January 6, 2012

Mexican Fish

We started out with a table for 4... Too soon we were a table for 3. Now that the staff have finally decided to leave two tables together for this odd trio ~ for the mamma! We are down to a table for two!! Just mother and son! Sharon is enroute to NZ for a family wedding.
A rainbow fish turned on its side to look up at me. What is this monster snorkeling above me?? Lots of little yellow with black stripped curious fish swam right up to my mask - I even felt some little nibbles. Glad I didn't taste too good...there were some fair sized barracudas down there with lots of big teeth!!
Lunch of fish tacos....again! Good stuff.
A couple of steak nights and my weight is back on target again. It's only been up or down 900 grams or so. I'm glad for the reassurance of the scales, as Iam feeling fat again. I've gotten used to where I'm at, and I'm getting impatient to release the next 10. It should get me to a space I have not been in for a l o n g time. Exciting!
Tomorrow, Paul and I go back to New York. Sunday I head home, arriving Tues am.
I need to get on with this recreating______________________________________________>

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  1. Love reading you mum. You're so open and disclosing of tidbits! Yay x
    I could read so much because the font was stuck on a plain text. Pleeeeease change your script don't for easier reading. Bring back some fish taco love mmmm xx