Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home home...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.... 5 days of travelling, not eating properly, not weighing.... then I'm home.  I feel fat, I can't weigh because I left the scales behind for Paul and Sharon.  My eating is out of control...I could just eat and eat until I'm as fat as before.... but I HAVE set a date with Laurence to get back on track.  So before he comes over, I rush out and buy and new set of scales.  Weighing that first morning, set my mind to the project again.  Its amazing the power of the scales.  I NEED to know what is happening, to keep it in check.  I have been amazed at how important it is to weigh every day, at this point in my journey anyway.  I did SO well the whole time I was travelling,  I just couldn't blow it all once home.  I know I am an 'all or nothing' person, I find it very hard to be moderate.  I wish I could be moderate!!  Moderator or Abstainer
So, as soon as I saw just what the damage was...I cut out/cut back and a couple of days I was back!!  This is a new phenomena!!  I love it!! My body knows where it is suppose to be...according to my last weigh loss thru HCG.
Now I am going to change all that!!_____________________________________


  1. Interesting, I was like that too, after the holidays were over, I felt like I could just eat myself into oblivion!!! Allllll emotional. But my body is so forgiving post-HCG and the damage was minimal... Glad to hear yours was too! AND that you drew the line in the sand and STOPPED your destructive behaviour.

  2. Marti, it's so great to see and hear the difference you are making for yourself, and for all the people that are watching you. :-)
    Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being your "Healthy Weight Release Mentors"! :-)