Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here we go again....

Round 2.  I was fat loading anyway, so Sat I started with the magic drops. It was hard to keep my mind on it...not the dedication I had the first round.  I kept forgetting to take the drops at the right time.  It was a good time to have visitors over.
Monday was my first day of 500 calories for the day.  I had a bit of a head ache....not enough water!  
 I took an apple out with me to Ikea, to meet up with Cherry and kids.  It makes watching other people eat, easier!
Scout came home with me for her first sleep over...very exciting!  I cooked  gnocchi for her - her choice, and made pesto from the basil Pete trimmed up. It's the first time I have licked my fingers or the bowl (it was SO yummy!) ... In other words been naughty!  And today I'm a whole kg lighter!! Beginners luck? 
Hmmmm.... I already feel thinner.  It's so important to feel like I'm winning. 
I'm back to black coffee - I must find a cafe in Beecroft that serve coffee good black....I have learned that it's not the same coffee that is wonderful with silked milk in it!!  Scout and I went out for "coffee" to Chicken and Fishead and his coffee is too strong when black.
i plan to do this program for about 38 days this time.  will be interesting to see how much I can release the second time round!  That gives me time to do the 21 days of maintenance before my next holiday!!  yeah...life is tough!!
This release session takes me to a place I have not been for a LONG time!  its exciting but its also hard.  I need to be held accountable, so I do appreciate your support.
I just love how Harold creates his reality ________________________________


  1. Wow, so glad you're venturing into new territory!! I'm SO excited for you!! Wow. Keep it up, and just do NOT make pesto. That would be my advice. There's something about pesto that is purely torturous to keep your fingers out of... Remember when I made you pesto pasta when you were here? It nearly did me IN!!! :o) xo

  2. We are here watch and standing by you Marti! We know you can do this, because it's so worth it! ;-)