Wednesday, December 14, 2011

St. Lucia ~ we have loved you!

I know the weight loss doesn't count when it's caused by being sick...but it's sure fun to see those numbers!! Something didn't sit well and decided to come out in a hurry!
Pete hired a mini bus and driver to show us the sights of the island, fishing villages, roadside stalls with a great view but also hawkers trying to make a living, water falls, a drive in volcano that is steaming and the landmark Pitons...all on a very curvy steep narrow road!
We chose the new fabulous Chocolate Hotel for lunch!! First up were little breads to dip in chocolate and vinegar, or cocao and butter, or cocao and oil all very yummy! I ordered a tuna steak salad and it had a taste of chocolate in the dressing, and little balls of chocolate rolled in hazelnuts along with the local leaves!! Pretty unique flavors!!
We saw the cocao growing on the trees, tasted the raw cocao ~ not sweet, not bitter. The whole place is open the the awesome jungle view of the Pitons! Checked out the rooms too! system decided it wasn't ready for all those unique flavors and we had to make an emergency stop on the way home...
Today is our last day in St.Lucia...I sit here watching the changing moods of the sea with a variety of craft, the parade of tourists, AnD the black ripped bodies of the locals!! Some pretty interesting hair do's too! Fun fun!

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