Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not so bad....

So the morning after martini sipping my Scales said minus 900 gr...very encouraging. I'm doing something right!! Christmas day being Sunday, I grabbed a coffee from Joes on the way to the Metro to go to Brooklyn to meet with other friends, then another coffee on the way back. It was 2 pm before the o'dourves began: cheeses, meats, fennel dip, champagne ... And lots of other things I didn't eat :-) it was 5pm before dinner was served: roast pork, cranberry vinaigrette, carrot, parsnip, yam, and fennel salad. all very yummy. Plumb pudding brought all the way from NZ by Carolyn and Arnold van Wonderen, with brandy custard. I enjoyed a very yummy sliver!! So, I was doing really well, until some time later, still sitting around the table, I indulged in a little piece of chocolate cheese cake - then I felt yuk!! It so was not worth it! Just my eyes wanted it!
A n y w a y ~ Scales said plus 800gr. That is still minus 100 for the two days of Christmas eating and drinking!! I am exactly the same weight I was the day I started adding new foods to my diet 3 weeks ago!!!
That is the best Christmas present yet!! :D


  1. Wow Marti! What an awesome Christmas gift that is! And my mouth started watering just reading what was on offer!

  2. Wow! That is AMAZING! Good for you!!