Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Staying with June in Barbados was even harder to keep to my program!  She was alway wanting to make sure I was eating!  And she went to the trouble to make special things for her guests.   She wanted us to try local food like Pudding and Souse!  The Souce was cold pork cooked a special way, in a dish with finely chopped cucumber in lime juice, and the pudding part was a sweet potato, grated and steamed, to become a clear glump that was sweet and yummy!  Well, it made Pete vomit before the night was out, and gave me diarrhea!!  So that is one way to keep within range!
Another night we went to a local to listen to the steel drums being played.  They are awesome to listen to, and watch, as we sat by the sea, and sipped rum punch....that stuff is So good!  A tiny slice of warm coconut pie was brot for us to sample. . . It was so delicious, in a weak moment we all ordered a piece!  Need to support the local community you know!
So... I'm at the top end of the allowance of 900 grams over my weight at the end of my magic drops. At 900 grams over you are supposed to have nothing to eat all day, and then have a steak for dinner... Wonder if I can do that tomorrow??

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  1. So... did you resort to the steak??
    The Coconut Pie Sounds amazing! Keep the Lacto Flora going into you because that'll help you dealing with all the rich and different foods!