Monday, December 12, 2011


This little tiny Caribbean Island of St.Lucis is a tropical paradise. I went out to the end of the wharf to wave Happy Cat in as it finished the race and came into harbor. They came over and picked me up! So I got in on the official welcome island style! The welcome drink is rum punch ~ feels very potent when I have not drank for a month, and my stomach is pretty empty!! Makes one wobbly pretty quick!! The crew were all So happy to be on land again, and have loved hanging out at our beach today!
I have found a good light lunch is a Caesar salad with chicken and dressing on the side - here that is just lettuce and yummy island style chicken. Lots of fresh sea food for dinner, but must some how get a salad that is not smothered on mayo. Lots of cabbage in a garden salad here. I have been maintaining my weight with in 400 gram of goal so far. I read it's important to stay within 2 pounds.
Rum is the drink of choice here. This is where the rum trade began, way back when. Sugar plantations produced precious commodities ...worth fighting wars over!! My one drink for the day was rum sour! Tastes pretty good, after that sparkling mineral water is the treat!
So far so good.
Some of you wanted to see Pete's face when he saw me thinner. Well he was just so happy to see me after so long...I don't think he noticed! The next day he asked me if I had lost weight? every one is so jubilant to be finished, absolute party mode...must go watch the sunset over the bay. Dinner on the sand with torches burning, balmy evening. Awesome. !!!!


  1. Wow! I've got goose bumps just reading this! How inspiring!
    Enjoy your time!

  2. Adorable!I love that it wasn't Pete's first question! I am just so glad you are feeling sublime! (But really want to see Slim Marti photos:-) I was looking at some old chunky Karen photos, and it helped determination to keep it off!