Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where does it go?

I find it so interesting how the body works.  I have not eaten any fats or put any on my skin for the past 18 days.  I am burning the fat for fuel - for energy, so how do I account for my skin being oily!?! I mean, I don't mind (as long as I don't get pimples!) to have an oily forehead, as my skin is usually so dry!
So with an extra 600 grams released today -- thats bigger than 2 blocks of butter!! -- it has to go somewhere!
I notice when I climb the stairs that I don't have a lot of energy...but it should get easier as I carry less weight up those stairs!___________________________

PS. I just realised that my skin is no longer randomly itchy!!  I must be doing something right...the new body wash?  the Green Qi?  Oh my goodness.....I will be plugging Neways yet!!  What ever it is ~ I Like It!

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  1. It is amazing isn't it that your skin is so "alive" and "healthy", you'd think it would be the opposite! And that's the thing I love about this program, it so much flys in the face of expectations! When you look at how it works though it makes total sense why you have that "healthy glow"!

    And awesome news about feeling "tired" as you climb the stairs! Shows that the fat is being released from in those muscles, and they are now "morphing" back to the "new" size they deserve to be!!!

    Oh I'd love to post on here the total accumulated weight released