Saturday, November 19, 2011

The First Week!

I have released 5.3 kg in one week!!  I can hardly believe it...I'm afraid it won't be true next time I step on the scales!! A friend asked what that converted to in pounds = 11.66 lbs!  It wasn't that hard and the results are over the top!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Today one of our quilting girls-Viv, called in to say HI, and everyone was awed by how much weight she has lost.  How did she do it?  HCG!  Well, suddenly lots of people were interested in the program!!  One girl was desperate to lose weight for an up coming operation, so she already has the drops coming in the mail!!! (thanks Laurie) she just couldn't believe how fast that could happen, and I can see she is so excited about it!!  2 others are very keen, and another is wants to read the book first!  thats ok....I was skeptical at first - until I saw such amazing results in others!  Its very helpful to read the book.  Viv had no arthritis pain while on the HCG and had a real sense of well being.  So, one by one, we will change the image of quilting ladies!!
I was so productive- in 3 1/2 days I made 3 new tops and quilted and bound a top I had made before.  I had lots of energy!   I am home again....looking forward to week 2!!

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