Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of week two

I am doing this publicly to keep myself on I need to keep the information out there!  This is the last weigh for this week ~
 .5 released this morning,
 2.4 released for the week, so that is a total of
 7.7 kg released in 2 weeks!! Pretty amazing!!
One more week to go, and no predictions...just take one day at a time :) 
 I won't say its easy...but I am committed.  I nearly forgot yesterday when Cedar offered me a yummy chocolate desert.  Then she couldn't understand when I refused something so yummy!  especially when its made from avocado! (so its really a vegetable, or is that a fruit?) ;)
 I just love the eucalyptus trees that are shedding their bark...getting rid of the excess they don't need, and they are so smooth and sleek underneath.  I am relating... ;-)
Here's to success!!

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