Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adding up...

I have a new Mac!  I'm so excited!! It does amazing things...I'm just learning, thanks to Laurence and his dedicated hours of transferring stuff from Old Computer, setting up iCloud, and showing me how things work.  Lot of practise needed yet.  No more Old Computer closing down on me!
So far this week I have released 1.5 kgs.  It looks better when I add up all the little bits!  When it seems slow, I must remember this program is way faster than any other reduction program I have tried.    I really want to reach my goal of 10 kgs. released before I head off on my next adventure!
I have heard my stomach growling before the next feed time, so I have decided to take the drops 4 times a day, in hopes that I am not going into starvation mode in-between doses, thus slowing down their work on the hypothalamus.
I am not taking my thyroxine which I have been on since the kids were little, but I am taking some special supplements -non oily ones- and I feel great!!  I am delighted by how much energy I have,  and that my clothes are feeling more comfortable!   3 more days to this week_______________________________

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